Jennifer Paige

Jennifer Paige
Jennifer PaigeProducer
I’m  one of those rare Bay Area native folk.  Three words that describe me:
Passionate.  Creative.  Tenacious.

A Bit About Me

I have extensive experience producing and directing documentaries, marketing videos for product launches, tradeshows, and live events. I am an expert at telling compelling stories through moving images and partners with members of the business and artistic community to achieve those goals. I received an Bachelor’s in Film  and a Master’s in Journalism (emphasis on Television and Documentary) from U.C. Berkeley. With this great education and all my experience, have learned how to create video work on a shoestring when necessary, so i excel at:

  • Conceptualizing a creative idea and turning it into a compelling video for the web, broadcast, or mobile devices
  • Producing effective and successfultraining and tutorial videos
  • Motion graphics creation that adds value to your video

My Work Process
My creative process starts with a meeting with you to find out what you need, what’s essential for you to communicate.  I love to collaborate, so we’ll partner on this journey.  I’ll also lead the way and shape the project and you can place your trust in me to guide the process to a successful conclusion.
While a student at UC Berkeley, I won the highest achievement for the creative arts – The Eisner Prize – TWICE!  I don’t think that’s ever been done before.  I also took home a National Student Emmy.  I recently won a Silver Telly Award for a Corporate Video.  I’m very proud of my work and I treat each piece as if it’s a work of art, no matter what the content.  
Off Topic Favorite Things to Do
I love to dance and move my body.  I love warm weather and often ponder why I live so close to the San Francisco Bay.  I have a terrible case of weather amnesia that hits most native San Franciscans in June and July where we get so puzzled about why that big bank of fog is rolling in at 2 pm .

Take a Peek at Some of My Work.

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