Project Description

This client asked me to produce a documentary-style video that made their technology accessible and interesting to a lay audience.  This was such a fun project, despite the incredibly tight deadlines and minuscule budget.  I wanted to include the product (which sits on top of a moving truck) into the background of the interviews, and it was a challenge to find a location where it would fit.  I worked with a very talented graphic artist who created the background art, so we were able to make the set – which was really just a well-lit warehouse space –  look interesting.  The video won a Telly Award.  Here’s what the client had to say:

“Jennifer has an incredibly creative eye when it comes to video production. She is able to work well with minimal information and direction and still get the best out of the time she invests on any given shoot. I have witnessed firsthand how talented Jennifer is when it comes to producing videos about products that she knows on only a basic level. It must be extremely challenging to work with products that are so intricate and technological, but you wouldn’t know it by the work she accomplishes. And when she does have all the information and details she needs, the video is bar none above anything else produced in our industry. She is not only extremely talented, but a pleasure to work with!”Binaryпосуда минск купитьукладка ламинатmiami beach florida real estateразмещение рекламы бесплатноаудит сайта